Welcome to my literary miscellany! I’m not entirely sure what will be on here yet. Ideally, I’m leaning towards a mix of reviews of whatever I’m reading at the moment, random book news, top-something-something lists, and itemized photos of book-store binges. I’ll try to keep this thing as spoiler-free as I can.

I’m notoriously bad at writing biographies, so for the moment I’m just going to list some random facts about myself.

-My favourite book is Jane Eyre.

-I was originally going to call this blog Literary Lolita, but it was already taken (“Boourns”). Incidentally, Literary Lolita was also my (now defunct) username on Plenty of Fish.

-My husband and I have 7 bookshelves in our apartment (5 of them almost reach the ceiling).

-I would rather read than watch TV.

-I regard “Not now honey, I’m reading” as a legitimate excuse to get out of pretty much anything.


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