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Adventures in eReading: Or, My Journey As a Kobo Neophyte

Finally, I have crossed over to the dark side. One rather imagines this is what Darth Vader must have felt like, the thrill of a forbidden longing finally satiated. (That sounds kind of dirty but I’m leaving it because hey, my blog, my rules).

So, what caused me to finally cave in? Ultimately, it was my upcoming three-week trip to New Zealand next year. Combine two 14-hour flights with the attention span of a sugar-addled toddler, and there was no way I could bring enough physical books to last the plane rides, let alone the rest of the vacation.

And it certainly doesn’t help that I also like to read on my lunch break in a lovely little greenspace near my work.

(Also, having an eReader means nobody can look at your cover and start up an unwanted conversation by making a remark about what you’re reading. BONUS!)

To the detriment of my credit card, however, I have discovered that it is entirely too easy to add books. I kind of ran through my complimentary store credit before I knew I even had it. Oops.

As to the actual reading experience, it’s surprisingly easy on the eyes and super customizable in terms of brightness, font type/size, margins, spacing, etc. I love the storage capacity and the concept of being able to bring a massive amount of books with you, without all the weight.

My one quibble is that it could be a tad lighter, being a little too heavy to read one-handed. Still, quite a fair bit lighter than the equivalent amount of books.

Granted, I’ve only been using my Kobo for a couple of weeks, but on the whole I’m quite happy with it. I’m really looking forward to taking this puppy on the road next year and putting it to the test!


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