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Back in the saddle again: My A Song of Ice and Fire reread

I finished up Game of Thrones over the previous weekend. Amazing what a four-hour boat trip and two hour-long ferry rides will do for your TBR pile, huh?

But blowing through a fantasy novel the size of a kitten in less than a week made me realize something.

Between the ongoing controversies of the show (which I’m not going to get into here), I had completely forgot how enormously enjoyable this book is, despite some criticisms.

It’s long, yes. It’s  violent, sure.  And some of the language choice is anachronistic, to say the least (see Ser Alliser Thorne having a “stick up his butt”; I think “knife thrust up his backside” would have worked better).

Sure, you could say that it explores politics, religion, shifting family loyalties, and real historical precedents (if you feel the need to justify what you read).

But I honestly don’t see the point.

For me, A Song of Ice and Fire is and always has been entertainment, pure and simple.

And it is glorious.


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Oh my blog, I knew I forgot something

So, you may have noticed that I’ve let this blogging thing slide for a few of months. I could offer a couple of good reasons, but I’d rather not get into that here. Let’s just say it amounts to general exhaustion and my give-a-damn being temporarily broken.

New stuff should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Stay literary, my friends.


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