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A quick word on Fifty Shades of Grey

While I haven’t read the books (although I have had a look at a few snippets) and I’m not likely to see the movie, I’d like to say something about Fifty Shades of Grey.

On the one hand, I’m happy that an author has had such phenomenal success, albeit with poorly written Twilight fan fiction. (Not that I mean to censure anyone from reading it. Far from it. If that is your literary bag, then have at it. It’s just not my particular brand of candy.)

However, I do think it is dangerous because it a) glorifies what boils down to a very abusive relationship and b) takes elements of the BDSM lifestyle out of their original context, with none of the safeguards and attendant culture.

Although you really have to hand it to the marketing genius who decided to release the film on Valentine’s Day weekend. I almost feel sorry for the staff who will have to hose down the theatre seats and floors.


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